Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot

Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot

0.07 lbs

For Perfect Edgestitching & Sewing Edges of Trims & Laces

The Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot (also known as the edge stitch foot or edge joining foot) makes it easier to topstitch close to an edge or to stitch two adjacent fabric pieces together. For example, run lace trim along the center guide tongue of the foot to easily sew it onto table linens. This Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot is also ideal for "stitching in the ditch" for quilting and other applications.

Works with the Dual Feed. Snap on foot. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information

Be sure to watch our video below to learn all about how the Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot can make your sewing more professional!


Where And When To Use The Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot

An Educational Video From The Colorful World Of Sewing