Pfaff Non-Stick Foot

Pfaff Non-Stick Foot

0.07 lbs

Use When Sewing Leathers & Vinyl

The Pfaff Non-Stick Foot is perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leathers and plastic-coated fabrics. The entire foot is made of a non-stick material, not just a non-stick sticker on the bottom of the foot. The Pfaff Non-Stick Foot allows you to use the Dual Feed.

Snap on foot. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information 

Watch our instructional video below to learn full details of what the Pfaff Non Stick Foot can do and how to use it.


How to Use the Teflon Feet

An Instructional Video from The Colorful World of Sewing