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Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

For over 100 years, Schmetz has been manufacturing the world’s finest sewing machine needles. Schmetz sewing machine needles are trusted the world over and are suitable for use in all brands of home sewing machines like Bernina, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, Brother, Baby Lock, Singer and Janome. Never overlook the importance the sewing machine needle plays in the creation of your project. Schmetz has a needle for every fiber, fabric and sewing task. Specialty Schmetz needles have been developed for the demands of new sewing trends such as the Schmetz Quilting Needles, Schmetz Embroidery Needles and Schmetz Microtex Needles for the various microfibers on the market today. To select the correct Schmetz needle for your project, first, select the needle type appropriate for your fabric type, then, choose the size. Finer Schmetz sewing machine needles have lower numbers and thicker needles have higher numbers. Be sure to also check out the specialty Schmetz sewing machine needles for all of your fun embellishment projects. Twin, triple and wing needles from Schmetz help you to create beautifully embroidered projects every time.

Schmetz needles work in all domestic sewing machines that use the 130/705H or 15X1 classification. Specialty needle systems are also available for sergers and high-speed semi-industrial machines.

For a detailed downloadable / printable guide to sewing machine needle selection, click here for the Schmetz Needle Guide

There has been much talk about the new generation of "chrome plated" or "titanium" sewing machine needles; they are advertised as lasting longer than traditional sewing machine needles. After extensive research with chrome/titanium coated needles, we have found absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these more expensive needles are any better than standard sewing machine needles. Sewing machine needles are meant to wear out, they must be replaced frequently for optimal results. We suggest investing your money in replacing standard sewing machine needles frequently and pass on the marketing gimmicks of chrome and titanium needles.