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Customer Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers. Most of the time, customers are so happy sewing with their new tools they do not think about writing us to tell of how we did in helping them, so we do have a disproportionately small number of reviews to sales ratio. For those that do write after the sale, we thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think. Sometimes, we make a mistake or something goes wrong in an order and we want to make it right so we need to hear the "bad" too.

We'd also like to take this moment to publicly address that sadly, sometimes, our competition gets jealous, sometimes an acquaintance who has something against us personally or the rare customer we just can't make happy no matter how hard we try to assist them turns to the Internet to embellish half truths and fabricate negative stories to slander us in hopes of driving business away and that's where the nasty Internet postings and reviews come in. This happens to small businesses just as it happens to most of us at some time personally. Unfortunately, the Internet is littered with hatred, ignorance and false information, there is not much way around it other than to accept that is all part of the Internet and being in business. While we do give acknowledgment to their creative writing skills, we can't help but feel sorry some people live with such negativity and misery in their lives, but we can't dwell on it; there are actual customers to attend to!

So here, we'd like to share what actual Colorful World of Sewing customers have said about their experiences, unedited. We hope you will have the same or even a better experience. Good or bad, let us know how we are doing. Contact us here and we will add your experience to this page to share with others.


11/25/23  I received the 4 presser feet that I ordered on 11/19/2023 today (the day after Thanksgiving). I've only tried the most important one... the Juki Side Cutter and I am delighted!!!! It works on my Brother computerized machine (my Juki machine is at work).
The inside seams of my projects will now look more professional without the use of a Serger! This presser foot was easy to use... connect the arm to the needle bar before snapping on the snap-on the foot as usual....make a starter cut in the material and drape it over and under the presser foot as shown in videos for side cutters. It worked with zig zag and overcast stitches...I love it!!!!
I am teaching my granddaughter to sew and use presser feet that will make her projects look amazing and like they were sewn by Tailor. Your website is awesome!!!!!!!

Sarah G.


10/2/23  I am not actually a sewer but a dyer. I recently received a large order of custom manufactured tops to dye. Unfortunately many of the hems were not finished at the ends and so I have to secure them but sewing by hand was taking me way to long so I taught myself how to use my sewing machine. I ordered a generic walking foot from Amazon because the rayon/spandex would not feed properly through my machine. Sadly, even with the walking foot it was near impossible to properly feed the fabric through. I was at my wits end so I searched the web for a better option but they all pretty much looked like what I already had. Then I stumbled across the Ultimate Walking Foot. I was nervous because even with the discount it was a bit expensive for me. I ordered it anyways and hoped for the best. It shipped really fast. I just received it today. Upon arrival I was shocked at the size of the box, I was expecting something much smaller. After opening the package I found the walking foot comes in a really cool hard plastic case with firm foam inside to hold the foot and accessories in place. The walking foot itself is very solid & heavy feeling, you could tell it's quality (especially in comparison to the generic foot from Amazon) It came with thorough instructions. It was very easy to install. The difference in sewing with the Ultimate Walking Foot is undeniable. Immediately my problems were gone. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I could cry tears of joy. Now knowing how well it works, I would totally pay full price for it without hesitation though I am happy I got it on sale! The only thing I have noticed is that because it is quite heavy, it has loosened and fallen out of place a few times despite being tightened all the way. This is by no means a deal breaker for me. Just be sure to tighten it really well and if your using it frequently give it an extra tighten here & there. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank you so much Colorful World Of Sewing .

Shelby C.


10/1/23  Thank you so much! (for replacing a defective product)  This guarantees I’ll order from you again and I’ll tell my friends about the great customer service. You’re an honorable man, Mark. You deserve to have your business thrive!


Marcia A.


9/22/23  Hello Mr. Mark Stafford. I hope that your company recognizes your unique talent of "customer satisfaction". Your knowledge about "walking foot" & your recommendations on what I should do have proved invaluable & a great resource that I can pass along to a quilting class that I'm in. You did this all in less than 12 hours from the time I sent you my initial inquiry. I do not know how to post to Facebook, but felt that the need to acknowledge your help could not go unrecognized. You just moved to the top of my list of "helpful, useful, resources"
Thank you soooo much,

Gwen O.


7/13/23  I received my HV convertible free motion foot (set of four)... They work perfectly on my HV Designer SE! AND I am especially pleased with my large Sew Steady table...it fits perfectly and makes my work surface huge! I especially would like to thank Mark for his prompt response to my emails during this process... So kind and knowledgeable! Not used to having everything go right in one try!

Charla V.


6/7/23  Hi, the feet arrived a few days back and are just perfect! Wanted to comment on the professional packaging and thoughtful instructions that accommpanied them!!


Matt A.


3/27/23  Hello, My bulb came today, quick shipping! The bulb works great, really illuminates my sewing area. Will do business with you again for sure. Have a good week!

Julia Ann S.


3/24/23  Not a long message just to say i love it! (The Ultimate Walking Foot) I sew on two Babylock sewing and embroidery machines. This walking foot beat theirs by far! Keep up the good work. I am going to look on your website and see what other goodies i can find :)

Ginger F.


1/23/23 Thank you so much for your help, I ordered this fancy walking foot just now.  It sounds like just what I wanted, hope I can remember to use it correctly!  

Your customer service is just so superior, love doing business with you.  

Sally M.


12/19/22 Words can not express my gratitude for your Professionalism and Superior customer service.

Susan C.


8/6/22 Wow, love the Magic Jeans Hemming foot and the Bi-level presser foot set. I hemmed six pairs of jeans and the stitches were even and I didn’t break one needle! Great products, wish I knew about your company years ago!

Thank You! 

Margaret C.


6/14/22 Thank you, Mr. Stafford. It was getting hard to wade through all the options, and you made it quite simple to order the right foot. I was trying to learn free motion quilting and couldn't move forward without the right equipment. Now I can continue my "education."

With appreciation, 

Rosemary W.


5/27/22 Hello, I received the Little Foot and I am delighted. That's exactly what I was looking for. It's such a pleasure to piece with it, as it gives a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance and holds the fabric nicely. I am so happy that I discovered you on the internet. I think I will order another one, just to make sure that I have one in case the other one gets lost or so ;)

Have a good day.

Kind regards,

Mireille W. from Luxemburg


4/12/22  Thank you for such prompt response to the problem. Your company is a pleasure to deal with. 

Gail H.


3/11/22 Just want to thank you for fantastic service. I placed an online order on Sunday morning. I received the 1/4 inch foot on Wednesday.

Deanne M.


12/21/21 Thank you for a great site with very good “how to” videos, they are very informative and helpful.  

Pat L.


11/9/21  Hello, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you! I watched so many Flower Stitch Foot videos on YouTube and yours was the best for the info needed. You made it easy and explained from beginning to end. For a newbie to sewing thank you again.

Helen T.


9/27/21 Their customer service is one of the best I have ever encountered. I was having a problem with something I purchased from them. Saturday morning at 10:41 AM I wrote them an email. I wasn’t even expecting an answer until Monday. Saturday at 10:48 AM Mark answered my email he checked my order history and by 11:34 AM he told me my replacement would be shipped on Monday.
Tuesday when I go to my quilting class I am going to let everyone know and recommend they support this this small business. I certainly will be ordering from Mark again. Thank you.

Pauline W.


8/27/21 I want to thank you so very much for your awesome customer service from start to finish. The accessories I purchased are high quality at a terrific price. I will certainly recommend you to others, and now know where I can go for those odd accessories I can't find anywhere else! I literally searched for months until I came across your store.

Thank you!

Jacqui B.


6/7/21 So glad I found you site. The sewing foot is exactly the one I needed but couldn't find anywhere else. The promptness of the order is beyond compare..
Will look to you for future help.

Katheryn W.


4/21/21 I have been really pleased with the service I have received from your company and the quality of your products are first rate.  I will not hesitate to use you in the future.

Deb B.


3/1/21  Thank you! Your company is awesome. Everything is shipped fast as lightning.

Frances L.


2/16/21  Just to say that yesterday I was able to look at my purchase and all was so perfect! Thanks for your advise. All the feet worked excellent. Your videos work very well too.

Warm Regards

Virginia B.


1/23/21  Thanks for all!!  Your website is, as said, really great! I have purchased in Amazon and Ebay before knowing this. My order was placed now.


Virginia B.


1/11/21 Great service great products. A one stop shop for sewing enthusiasts! Thank you so much. I’ve been hemming jeans for my husband and son for 45 years, dreading the job. No words can say how good I feel with buying the Magic Jeans Hemming Foot.

Jan C.


12/31/20  I received my order today. Thank you so much. Just love doing business with your company. The product is excellent quality.

Have a Happy and safe New Year!

Mary Ann V.


10/21/20  Your company has been so helpful to me in the past. I tell my sewing friends to be sure to look for you on the web.

Thanks so much!

Regina B.


9/30/20  Thank you for replacing the walking foot I ordered, the replacement foot is working fantastic! I would recommend your store to anyone wanting to order items from a reputable dealer!

Donna R.


9/4/20 Mr. Stafford,

Thank you so very much and I apologize for not confirming the part number. Did not know that Janome made my new machine. The order for the new presser foot has been placed. I appreciate your help and information, sure is nice to do business with you, and will do so in the future because of your excellent customer service.  

Warm regards,

Sally M.


8/20/20  I received my presser foot yesterday and it fits perfectly. Your prices are wonderful. I want to thank you for including directions for using the #10 for stitch in the ditch. What a wonderful addition that saved me time. I was able to sit down, read your directions and immediately start stitching. This was unexpected, but so needed. Thank you for the extra mile for customer use. I will certainly look to your shop first when I’m ordering again.

Alvenia C.


7/12/20 Thank you so much, Mark!  I am delighted to know about your shop and will definitely recommend you to all my stitching friends.  Your service is excellent!


Donna McDowell


7/9/20 Thanks for your help. I love your shop and it’s the first place I turn when I’m looking for accessories.

Kate W.


6/21/20 What a great company! I was completely lost trying to find a part for my sewing machine until I found your website! I emailed customer service with a question and received a reply within a few minutes! I was amazed and beyond pleased! The guidance I received was so helpful and the products I ordered arrived very quickly! Even in a pandemic! I feel very lucky to have found your website - I've just discovered the joys of quilting and I will now order all my sewing supplies from the The Colorful World of Sewing! Thank you again!

Rachel A.


Thank you.  It was a pleasure dealing with you.  Will be a repeat customer.

Mary E. S.


No problem at all stuff happens (but never at my house. Hee hee) i am just getting ready for xmas so all is good. Since i have been dealing with your company i have had nothing but good things to say about your staff and service. So thanks again Beth

Beth M.


Good morning Mark, 

I received the good foot this morning. Great service from your website, I will be back.


Diane P.


Thank you so much for the jean presser foot and adapter. They work great. I'm so happy with them. I'm telling all my sewing friends about your products.

Janice H.


Just wanted to say thanks so much for the quick service I placed my order on the 15th and I received it on the 18. The foot fit my machine perfectly and I'm excited about the new needle plate with inch markings! You will be my first stop for purchases in the future.

Katherine G.


Thank you for your help with my purchase of the rolled hem feet set. They fit my machine beautifully and I'm very pleased to have them. Because of that success, I'm purchasing these bias binding attachments.

Isabel H.


And why should we be the only ones to scratch our heads over the crazy emails we receive from quacks? Here is one from Joan W. from Enumclaw, Washington. She's leaving us a "bad review" because we quite nicely helped her with her issue, so here is our review of her and what actually happened...

J.W.   Hello, I ordered eight presser feet from you on 4/23/20. Four of those fit fine but three of the feet are too narrow to fit on my machine. I did not check all of the feet when I received them but yesterday was going to try my new adjustable bias tape finder foot and found it doesn't fit. It is probably just a bit past the 30 day return policy, but I would really like to exchange then for ones that fit. Will you please help?

TCWOS   The issue is you aren’t using the generic snap on shank you were told about in the item details: https://www.thecolorfulworldofsewing.com/Generic-Snap-On-Low-Shank-for-Pfaff.html

J.W.   Wow, that may be true, but that was one of the rudest replies from customer service that I have ever received. You will be getting a bad review from me and no more of my business.

TCWOS   Rude? What was rude about it? I explained what the problem was and showed you what you needed. How is that rude?

Someone needs a hug! (amongst other things)


Thank you Mark. You clearly are focused on Customer Service. I look forward to trying your products in the future. 

Lynne H.


Thank you Mark - I very much appreciate your warm-hearted and light response. You don't see that in all vendors. I'm not sad now - I am reassured that there are so many caring people out there!

Many many thanks!

Cora C.


I have just ordered the foot you mentioned below, and a few other things. THANK YOU !! Looking forward to further business with you ! You have a great "catalog".

Marie-Elena B.


Very pleased at the ease of using your web site and the prices were good. I will be passing your link out to many others.
Thank you !!

Brenda B.


Thanks, Mark!  That is exactly what I needed to know.  I appreciate you getting back to me so fast.  By your prices, and great customer service, you have just made a customer for life!  

Best Regards,

David S.


Thank you for speedy response to my queries. I have taken your advice and ordered the Ultimate walking foot after reading some of your customer reviews. I look forward to using it in my first quilting project and hopefully more projects in the future.

Elizabeth H.


Thank you for the prompt service, I'm very satisfied with my previous order. Happy new Year!

Kathleen A.


Special thank you to Mark Stafford for helping me figure out what parts I needed (very quickly, too), and saving me a boatload of money! A-1 customer service!

Jessica T.


Awesome!  Thank you so much, and if you can think of anything else I need, please suggest it! You can count on my return visits with this kind of service 😊

Thanks again, 

Karen D.


Good morning Mark!

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate the options you gave me. I will try the first option for now. I am just beginning to need/want to do this kind of sewing. Also appreciate all the videos on the website. They are helpful.

Kind regards,

Kim L.


Thank you so much Mark.  I just placed my order. You are a great resource, the only one I was able to get a definitive answer from!  Thank you so much!

Deb G.


Thank you so much for your detailed reply.  I understand completely how you explained the Pfaff IDT and that there is no other walking foot for my machine.  I do have a Bernina that I use as my sewing machine on a daily basis.  I use the Pfaff when I travel and just was looking to see if there was a walking foot for it.  I do have a walking foot for the Bernina and will just need to use the Bernina when I do need to have a walking foot for the project that I am working on.  Thank you so much.  I will certainly be looking toward The Colorful World of Sewing for my future sewing needs that you have to offer.  Obviously, you are very knowledgeable and responsive in your customer service and I highly regard both of these as a future vendor I will look to for answers and merchandise. 

Patrick S.


Thank you very much for the explanation and the adjustment. I look forward to receiving the order. It has been a pleasure doing business with you because your customer service is excellent.

Pat L.


Just wanted to thank you for the swift delivery of the items I ordered last week. I truly am pleased with your service and wanted you to know. I will keep your website in my favorites for future purchases.
God Bless,

Sharon D.


Totally positive experience... my question was answered immediately and I received my order three days after placing it. The prices were great, items were well packed, and shipping was reasonable. Doesn't get any better than that! Thank you so much, I'll be back!!



Hi Mark,

You have been amazing - thank you so much! You're such a great help, with wonderful customer service skills, thank you. You have made my experience easy and have been very welcoming.

Kind Regards,

Shelley T.


Mahalo....thank you very much for your fine customer service. Mark replied to my inquiry quicker than expected and was kind to tell me exactly what items I was looking for, with links (to make my ordering process painless).
Items purchased were priced nicely and items were shipped quickly and received in a very timely manner.
Mahalo again and aloha!

Mona E.


Thank you for your quick response, Mark. Excellent customer service! All the best to you.

Theresa K.


The fabric is beautiful and your customer service A+++.

Susie C. 


Your response time, and customer service in general, is the best in the business.

Karen R.


I have watched a lot of sewing videos and your videos by far are very explicit, the tone of the man demonstrating them is plain, and easily understood and I loved watching.

Thank you.

Carol H.


Thank you SOOO much!!  I’m a new customer to your wonderful establishment, and I very much look 
forward to being a loyal customer!




Thank so much for your detailed response, its much appreciated. I found your site great, so much better than any of the others that I visited. I love that you have videos and a good explanation on each item. That’s great to hear that you have instructions included with all your presser feet. I have ordered things from other places in the past and received now instructions.

I’ll read over your email and go on your website and purchase the ones I would like.

Thank you again for your great service.




Thank you for answering my questions.  I just placed an order.

I found your website because I was trying to find the horizontal spool holders for a serger.  They were harder to find than one would think. I did a Google search and your website came up.  The fact that you have these accessories and offer answers to questions is really invaluable.  

You are far more customer-oriented and helpful than anyone in the lofty Keepsake Quilting or the sewing machine shops around here.  :)

Thanks again!


Susan D.


Thank you very much Mark for all your help and going the extra mile. It’s great to know that there are still companies out there that truly care about their customers. You have gone above and beyond and I truly appreciate all your help!

Vickie B.


I choose Colorful World of Sewing to purchase 5 feet for my Pfaff QE 4.0 because you had the best selection and prices. I live in the Pacific Northwest and placed my order on Friday morning. When my husband brought in Monday's mail I asked him what was in the package. He replied, "I don't know, it's for you." I never imagined it would be my order assuming it wouldn't even process until Monday or later. The order was filled correctly and packaged well. I have had a chance to play with my new feet and am glad I purchased them. Thank you for the fantastic service.

Donna K.


Thank you so much. You have a wonderful user friendly site. Very impressive.

Trudy S.


Mr. Stafford,

I received the adaptor foot yesterday. I was really impressed with how well it was packaged and how quickly it arrived! Thank you very much.

It seems I was wrong and hasty about Color World's customer service, which is excellent. So I apologize for that. I'd like to remain a CWoS customer. 


F. Carlen



Thank you so much Mark!  You’ve offered me great customer service, and very promptly.

Jacalyn R.


Just thank you, it's not easy to find these specialty items in my part of the world (Israel). And most online sources cost and arm and a leg in shipping, yours isn't bad at all.

Susan O. 


You are right-the bobbins work perfectly on my Viking Opal 670.  Too bad The Colorful World of Sewing was the third company where I ordered bobbins!  Next time, you will be the first...

Thanks, Vickie L.


Many thanks for sharing the info below!  I was thrilled to find those real Pfaff feet for my sewing machines, the Pfaff 2058, 2134 and 3.0 Performance machines. I never use Facebook, so I cannot leave positive feedback there for you, but will do so on your website if that option is available.  Truly appreciate your feedback regarding the website with fake info. You are 100% correct, artificially inflating prices to make others think they will be getting a deal is deceitful . . . and you are already in my favor, by making that statement and taking your valuable time to write the email below.  Looking forward to all those wonderful Pfaff feet that will be coming my way in the future.

Wishing you a lovely and prosperous 2018,



thank you for your help. I saw the set of three and will send this one back where I got it and order from you. THANK YOU AGAIN VERY MUCH!

Sami H.


Thank you again for your help figuring out the presser feet I needed for my machine. I received my package yesterday and I’m already ruining loads of fabric practicing!

Thank you again,

Elisa W.


You are terrific! Thank you so much for your help! I’m a beginner on the machine, though I’ve been doing hand work for many years, and I’ve been feeling lost; you have helped immensely. I’m going to put my order in right now.

Elisa S.


Received the order. Everything is perfect. Love the instructions on the package backs, and the videos and tutorials your company provides. Thanks for all your help. Will be ordering again as soon as I get these feet figured out.

Cheryl B.


Just wanted to let you know my daughter got this within a week of ordering. I gave you a FIVE star review. You were really great in responding to my inquiry and that was really nice. She said she's sure it's the right one. She found her presser foot but not all the other pieces. Maybe by getting this set, the other will magically appear. Works for me most of the time !!!!

Helen R.


Thank you so much. You really took some time and I appreciate your response. 



I received my order very quickly and loved the high quality of all the items. I had ordered and returned a walking foot from another on line service and am still waiting to hear back weeks later. Your company on the other hand did the following:
I emailed an inquiry about the walking foot not staying attached on my Pfaff and did I maybe need to purchase a different foot or longer screw.
While I'm waiting on an email response in a timely manner - I received a package from you with the longer screws and shipped at no charge to me! I'm still stunned and read the package and contents thoroughly for a bill. In this day and age who expects that? We can hope, but rarely experience it. You have set the highest customer service bar ever! Other companies would do well to try and imitate satisfying their customers in the same way. It makes for loyal repeat customers who share their experiences with family and friends. Thanks so much!

Brenda L. - Satisfied Canadian Customer



Wow, I am impressed. That was the fastest processing and shipping I think I have ever experienced!  You have moved to the top of my list.

Thanks, Steve



...what fabulous customer service!! Thank you! I will put it to good use, I promise. Even better, I will have another reason to recommend your business to my sewing friends. I really appreciate your commitment to customer service, and I certainly won't forget it. You're the best!

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend,

Elizabeth :)



Thank you for your prompt reply and response to my order. The walking foot seems to work perfectly. The right piece at the right price! I will be recommending you to others




Thank you for the extremely fast shipping. Part was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

Marcia S.



Thank you so much for your prompt email replies. They sure help! :-)

Miriam C.



I love doing business with people who are knowledgeable and great and prompt customer service.  Thank- you! 

Lynn B.



Thank you Thank you Thank you. Now I can proceed with my next project. I really appreciate your good work here.

Most Sincerely,

Louise C.



Hi!  I received my presser foot.  Just great!  The service was excellent.  You got my order because you were the first to respond to my e-mail.  In my books, service is what counts.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you.

Donna S.



I received my order on Saturday. I'm thrilled.  I  have spent most of my day ripping, but now I'm ready to put the pedal to the metal and get these Christmas quilts done for this year and not 2017. FYI, my local dealer for Juki, did not know these attachments were available.  You are a life saver for me.  As a novice quilter, I was going nuts trying to get things right. I'm sure glad I found your web site. Hope you all of your staff have a safe and merry holiday.

Thanks again,




I received the Viking 500 needle plate on Monday, October 31.  It was refreshing to deal with a business for the first time and receive such good customer service.  I truly appreciate your initial response to my first email question to you.  And the speedy processing of my order does not occur often (from a person who does lots of internet business). I am now set to get back to quilting!  Thank you for your excellent customer service.  Best wishes for success in your business.

Bertie H.



Great site, you have everything one can wish for!

Lasse E., from Norway



I now have my entire order including the back order on the sew  steady storage bag.  I am very pleased with the service and products that I purchased.  All of the feet for my Viking sewing machine worked beautifully. I have mentioned your site to my other sewing and quilting friends.


Christine W.



I wanted to thank Mark for his help. After going crazy with the walking foot I had ordered from a different site claiming to fit my machine, I had found the colorful world of sewing site and it had so much more info on why it didn't fit being a generic foot I purchased. I had no clue at the time I was even ordering a generic foot. Mark helped me with what I needed to make it fit perfectly and I also ordered an additional foot then as well from this site. I received the other foot and the screw I needed and it all fits perfect just like he said it would. I tried them both out on scrap fabrics they are great. Thank you so much for your help now I can continue with my new projects and not trash the ideas. This site has good info on it and they reply very fast. This place rocks. Thank you again Mark for your help.

Marianne M.



Wow, thank you so much Mark, you so kind! I just read your email to my husband, we're very impressed with your company.

Deanna M.



Hello, This is my first time finding this website, and I am thankful that you have such an organized website and detailed explanations and pictures of the presser feet, making it simple for a beginner sewer like me to find what I need! And you are in NY too, so hopefully shipping wont take too long. Will definitely come back when I need something else for my machine! 

Love your you tube presentations. Perhaps you could demonstrate the free motion open toe foot. It looks like it has a lot of creative uses.

Thanks Dolores



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  What great customer service!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance.  I have just placed my order and will anxiously await its delivery. Have a nice evening!

Best, Mary W.



I received my part today, thank you so much! Exactly what I wanted!!! Happy! Happy! Happy!




I appreciate your customer service. It is rare to have this kind of service these days. I will absolutely try the new arm. Thanks so much for responding. It is truly appreciated. 

Monica M.



Just purchased the 32 piece pressure foot assortment and low shank adapter for my elderly Viking Rose. They arrived quickly, shipped well. I admit I was a little intimidated with the presser foot box labeled in Chinese, and the adapter not at all! I shouldn't have worried - the adapter was no big deal to install, and I have been having SO much fun trying out all the new feet! All the ones I have tried have worked perfectly. (I did print out the item description from the website and tape it inside the box to easily identify the feet.) Can't wait to try them all! Thanks for prompt service and a great product!

Catherine G.



Thanks so much for such a quick response, again! I will definitely be doing business with you all in the future. Your customer service is excellent!




Thank you!  I can't believe someone emailed me back so soon and you said YES :) Miraculous customer service in this day and age! Will spread the word to all my sewing friends about your website - if they haven't already discovered you!




Thank you for your assistance and quick response, always a pleasure doing business with you!

Denise R.



I just received my order today and as I figured it would be, all is in order! The reason for this email is that I know you hear all of the complaints (trust me I KNOW) but few stop to say thank you or job well done.

I appreciate your working with my double order and canceling the one that was identical and extra.  I also appreciate your timely responses and your way about making me feel like my order was important to you. You have a great way of doing things and it has not gone unnoticed at this end!

Thank you!  And you are now in my favorites.


Diane H.



I will definitely be singing your praises here in Alabama.  Your customer service is as good as I had read it was.  I look forward to doing future business with you. 

Toni U.


Thanks to Mark Stafford for all of his patience with my questions. Very knowledgeable!

Sheryl B.



Just wanted to let you know, I received my Sew Steady table today and it is a perfect fit! Very pleased with my order from The Colorful World of Sewing!

Thank you again for your great customer service!

Judy O.



Can't say enough good things about your customer service. I will definitely be a repeat customer. You have been great!!

Judy O.



Just ordered/received various presser feet and machine accessories. Very affordable and quick delivery. Will make sewing more affordable and I can now expand my sewing projects. Will order again.

Lynda P.



Again, many thanks.Thanks so much for the prompt service as well as your help in ordering!  I got much better help from you (at $15 cheaper) than I did at the Bernina dealer. I'm amazed.  The patchwork foot that I ordered from you guys was in my mailbox today!  I'm just delighted that I have it so soon, as I was waiting on it to start a project.



Great customer service via email.

Beth W.


You are So EXTREMELY helpful!!!!   I can't BELIEVE in all the supplies we have at church, stored in two locations, several sewing machines and their various parts..... I spent about 2 minutes looking and found a small zip lock bag of two screws for a Viking/Husqvarna sewing machine!     There was an angel sitting on my shoulder, no doubt about it !

Thanks for the price quote on the other walking foot.  We will put that on "Hold" for now......   

Mark, you are THE BEST !!!!!

Barb D.



Thank You!  You, too, have been a pleasure to work with! It's great to be able to reach out to someone who is understanding, and for that I'm most grateful. 

Do apologize for the delayed response, I didn't see your e-mail until now. Hope you and yours are having a great week!

Kind regards,




Thank you for your efficient help in answering my question via email. Many thanks to Mark Stafford.




I am so impressed with your prices and prompt delivery! Thank you so much! I've bookmarked you to my desktop. So glad I found you on a Google search. Again, I much appreciate you. 

Sincerely, Linda C.




My item arrived this morning.  Thank you for staying on top of the back order, it was a pleasant experience buying from you. 

Thank you,

John B.



The personal touch of your immediate response is sooo refreshing! Thank you. I'll look into ordering these (from you) very soon. Thank you. 

Ann H.



You have been so extremely helpful. THANK YOU

Nina B



...Also I would like to add.... I couldn't remember the website name so I had to do a google search.... While doing that I saw a very negative report from a customer who had a bad experience with your web store. I would like to comment that: I have ordered from you several times, and have been very impressed with your knowledge of machines and accessories. I have NEVER had a problem with receiving my items..... -I had a wait one time when an item was out of stock. It arrived shortly after the first order...I was not charged additional shipping. NO Problem! -I had placed an item in my basket (thread stand) and then did not place the order right away. When I came back to the basket this same item had an increase in price. When I emailed you, you honored the previous price ....NO problem! -In my last order I was missing a foot from the package....I emailed you and you sent a photo to be sure that foot was not in the parcel, which it wasn't. Again NO Problem. This foot was mailed out shortly after. I was very surprised to see these nasty comments, and wanted to relay my experiences with your store. Feel free to post this as a testimonial. I am a repeat customer, and have had only positive experiences. Keep up the good work!! Thank You Esther



Dear Colorful World of Sewing,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Pfaff walking foot that I received yesterday!

I had spent ages looking for a suitable foot on UK websites and although there were lots of generic ones available, none fo them stated they were suited for a Pfaff 160.

Then I discovered your website which clearly identified which walking foot would suit my machine, you shipped to the UK and the total cost was very reasonable.

I tried the foot out today and it works great.

I am a very satisfied customer - thank you!




Hello Again,

I just placed my order for the ditch quilting presser foot for my Elna 6003. I would also like to compliment you on your extensive knowledge and product availability. I received far better service from you than I did from local businesses in my area. This is very much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Pat P.



Greetings Again,

...I have been spreading the word about your fantastic and knowledgeable service to the folks at my local quilt shop. You are far better than anyone in my area!

Many Thanks,

Pat P.



This is the best customer service I've had from anyone. Thank you very much. They have not been helpful at all where I recently purchased my machine and the price on there presser foots are quite a. bit higher than yours... I am very impressed with The Colorful World of sewing; I found it quite by accident.

Thank you so much for your timely and helpful customer service and support.




Thank you so much the feet work great!

Lynne G.



Great info

Susan S.



My order, which I placed at 9 pm Thursday night, arrived on Monday! Wow! This is my 2nd order. I was equally pleased with my first order which also arrived speedily and included a handwritten response to a question. Great service!

Sharon C.



My order came super fast and I had terrific customer service!

Stephanie S.



I'm sure many people are reluctant to order from a new place and also unsure when they read negative reviews about a company which is how I felt when I placed my order with The Colorful World of Sewing. However, I emailed the company prior to ordering because I have never bought a foot for my Bernina that was not considered a "genuine Bernina part" and was reassured about the ruffler foot that I wanted to order. I was told that I could return it within 30 days if I was not pleased. Well I have to say I am 100% satisfied. The shipping was super fast and I received my foot yesterday. I was so excited to try it out last night and it works beautifully! Thanks so much!!!!

Jennifer B.



I just want you to know that I received my 1/4"pfaff foot yesterday afternoon. I am an experienced seamstress but a beginning quilter. This foot will certainly help me sew straighter seams! I sat down after it came and finished a project I had been working on. The foot made it much easier.

I totally appreciate your willingness to work with me in taking care of business. Thanks again!!