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Juki presser feet and accessories are the answer to fun and professional sewing on your sewing machine. There is an ever-growing assortment of accessories, each one is designed to simplify certain sewing tasks and most presser feet can be used for multiple purposes, further expanding their value. There are attachments that will help every type of sewer, whether you are a fashion sewer, home decorator, avid quilter, or maybe you like to do it all! Our presser feet and accessories are here to make sewing more fun.

Each of our presser feet come with detailed directions on how to use, many written exclusively by us. You will not find this with most Internet retailers. If they do offer instructions, they are usually very poorly translated from foreign languages with no photos, leaving you more confused than empowered to use the foot. Also, our easy open/close packages allow you to keep your instructions with your presser foot for maximum organization in your sewing area.


Feet in this category are not made by Juki but are guaranteed to work perfectly on all household Juki models. All models use snap on and low shank presser feet with the following exceptions:

  • DX-4000QVP, HZL-UX8, DX-3000QVP, HZL-NX7 are high shank models. Snap on feet fit directly on the snap on shank. Low shank feet will work if you have the Juki high/low shank adapter.
  • HZL-LB5100 and HZL-LB5020 are made by Janome and use feet from our Janome category
  • TL series models use accessories in our High Speed Straight Stitch Machine category


Juki Quilting Foot Kit
$117.75 $93.95