Satinedge Foot by Creative Feet
Sewing a Satin Edge Sewing a Perfect 1/4" Seam Stitching In the Ditch Invisible Binding/Applique

Satinedge Foot by Creative Feet

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Special Guide on the Foot for Perfectly Flat Satin Stitched Edges on Napkins, Placemats & More

The Satinedge Foot by Creative Feet, also known as "The Magic Foot", is a presser foot that was originally invented by Clare Rowley for a blind woman in 1985 so she could sew a satin stitch on the edge of the fabric like a serger. Being unable to see made using one of those machines virtually impossible. If she can do it, imagine what you can do with it!

  • The Satinedge Foot by Creative Feet is capable of over 27 techniques!
  • Guides along fabric edges for you!
  • Perfect seam allowances without watching the needle!
  • The guide is adjustable allowing you to sew many seam widths!
  • The best at what it does for over 30 years!
  • Used by sewing professionals and educators around the world!
  • Fits ALL sewing machines with a zig-zag stitch!
  • One of the 3 Creative Feet!
  • Check out the videos of the Satinedge Foot in action below. Presented by the multi-talented inventor of the foot, Clare Rowley!

Just some of the techniques possible with the Satinedge Foot by Creative Feet :

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  • For satin edge stitching, the foot's specialized guide has a metal pin that you sew over which further aids in guiding your fabric. This works so well that you're able to completely let go while sewing with amazing results.
  • When sewing ¼” seam allowances you simply press your fabric against the foot and sew. You need not even look and you can sew at full speed with perfect seams every time.
  • Stitching in a ditch is made painless as you simply rest the guide on the fabric's edge and let the foot guide for you!
  • Since you're not staring at the needle you're able to do needle turn applique using a 1 mm width with ease (usually hand-sewn because of its difficulty).

The Satinedge Foot fits ALL zig-zag sewing machines including Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina, Bernette, Janome, Elna, Kenmore, Singer, Juki, Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking. The foot snaps onto all machines that use generic snap on feet. For other machines, the Satinedge Foot includes a low shank, high shank, Singer slant shank and Kenmore super high shank adapter. Bernina machines will require the #75 Bernina adapter sold below. 

Package includes: the Satinedge Foot, four snap-on adaptors and a detailed instruction booklet.


Creative Feet - Satinedge Foot - Sewing A Satin Edge

Creative Feet - Satinedge Foot - The Magic Foot? You Decide!

Creative Feet - Satinedge Foot - Sewing Quarter Inch Seams