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Magic Jeans Hemming Foot for Bernina

Magic Jeans Hemming Foot for Bernina

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Sew Thick Jeans Hems Without Worry

The Bernina Magic Jeans Hemming Foot will make you wonder how you ever hemmed jeans without it! The spring on this specially designed foot allows it to glide right over the nine layers of side seams on jean hems like they weren’t even there. Use for denim, twill, canvas and other fabrics with bulky cross seams when hemming.

The Bernina Magic Jeans Hemming Foot is so easy to use; prepare your jeans hem as usual. Snap on the Magic Jeans Hemming Foot and insert a Jeans/Denim needle size 100 or 110. Sew at a slow to moderate speed and when it comes to climbing over the side seams, watch the Magic Jeans Hemming Foot climb right up and over. No broken needles, skipped stitches or shims needed to get over the hump! Includes instructions.

This is a generic presser foot and fits all Bernina models. To attach to your machine, you will need the Bernina shank adapter sold below which can be used for all presser feet in this category. To find out if your machine is an “old style” or “new style” model, click here.

Check out of video below to see how easy it is to use The Magic Jeans Hemming Foot on your Bernina machine!

A happy customer, Jan C., writes...Great service great products. A one stop shop for sewing enthusiasts! Thank you so much. I’ve been hemming jeans for my husband and son for 45 years, dreading the job. No words can say how good I feel with buying the Magic Jeans Hemming Foot.

Another says... Wow love the Magic Jeans Hemming foot and the Bi-level presser foot set. I hemmed six pairs of jeans and the stitches were even and I didn’t break one needle! Great products, wish I knew about your company years ago! Thank You!  Margaret C.


How To Use The Magic Jeans Hemming Foot

An Instructional Video From The Colorful World Of Sewing