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Schmetz Hemstitch/Wing Needle

Schmetz Hemstitch/Wing Needle

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Make Treasured Heirlooms With Simple Machine Stitches

A Schmetz Wing needle is used to produce beautiful heirloom sewing effects. Use basic or more elaborate sewing machine stitches and a fine fabric and thread. The wings on the side of the needle spread the fibers for a true hemstitched look.

Open the thumbnail photo above left to see an example of decorative stitching with a wing needle. Most sewing machines have a variety of hemstitches for fine heirloom sewing. These special stitches repeat in place several times, and the wings on the wing needle hold the fibers open creating a lacy look. The wing needle is much wider than a traditional sewing machine needle and your maximum stitch width must be manually set less than 1mm-1.5mm of your maximum stitch width capability to keep from scraping the wing needle's sides against your presser foot and needle plate. We have placed a hot pink paper behind our sample so that you can see the holes left in the fabric. Try weaving narrow ribbon or cord through the needle holes for even more fun!

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Schmetz Hemstitch/Wing Needle Schmetz Hemstitch/Wing Needle
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