Pfaff Gathering Foot

Pfaff Gathering Foot

0.07 lbs

Gathers Made Easy

Gathering is a classic decoration. It's easy with the Pfaff Gathering Foot, which is especially useful for sewing flounces on cushions and curtains or for attaching gathered seams on children's clothing. You can simultaneously stitch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. The layer that is to be gathered lies under the Pfaff Gathering Foot and the layer which is not gathered is run through the space in the foot, from above. You can just as easily gather a single layer of fabric places under the foot. Use a long stitch length and a tightened upper thread tension to facilitate the gathering process.

Snap on foot. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information

This foot will not fit the snap on shank supplied with models 1229, 1222, 1221, 1217, 1216, 1215, 1214, 1213, 1212, 1211, 1209, 1199, 1197 & 1196. You will need this snap on shank adapter to use the gathering foot.