Pfaff Applique Presser Foot

Pfaff Applique Presser Foot

0.07 lbs

Makes Applique Easier

Beautiful embellishments can be sewn with the Pfaff Applique Presser Foot. The special groove on the bottom passes easily over a narrow line of satin stitch to accommodate especially dense stitching. You'll love the ease of use with the Pfaff Applique Presser Foot. Or use the hand-look appliqué stitch to make up fantastic appliqués and create beautiful quilts.

In addition, the very short toes of the Pfaff Applique Presser Foot make turning tight curves so much easier than other presser feet. Perfect for small appliques or any other sewing technique involving curves.

The Pfaff Applique Foot can be used with a stitch width up to 6mm when using an "open" decorative stitch. When satin stitching, the maximum stitch width is 2.5mm which is the width of the tunnel on the underside for the dense stitching to pass.

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