Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case

Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case

0.19 lbs

Use Specialty Threads In the Bobbin for Fun Effects

Create beautiful bobbin work, also called reversed decorative stitch embroidery with the Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case. Wind heavier threads onto the bobbin which are too thick to fit through the needle and sew on the reverse side of the fabric. The Husqvarna Viking Specialty Bobbin Case lets you create beautiful textures and work with fun decorative threads. Includes instructions. 

You can also use this bobbin case as a replacement bobbin case for regular sewing, it is colored grey only to distinguish it from the standard bobbin case. Just tighten the tension screw for sewing with finer thread. 

Fits all models in Groups 5,6,7 (excluding Emerald and Jade models)