Pfaff Felling Foot

Pfaff Felling Foot

Make Flat Felled Seams Easy

Flat-felled seams are extremely durable and well-known as the typical jeans seams, and with the Pfaff Felling Foot, they are especially easy to sew. They are especially decorative when sewn with contrasting thread! Also perfect for constructing professional looking dress shirts and blouses.

The 4.5mm Pfaff felling foot is best suited to light to medium weight fabrics. The 6mm Pfaff felling foot will work with slightly heavier fabrics.

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Pfaff Felling Foot
Size: 4.5mm
SKU: 93-042946-91
Pfaff Felling Foot Pfaff Felling Foot
Size: 6.5mm
SKU: 93-042948-91