Brother/Baby Lock Adjustable Non Stick Zipper Foot

Brother/Baby Lock Adjustable Non Stick Zipper Foot

0.19 lbs

For More Accurate Zipper Insertion on Leather & Vinyl

When inserting zippers in fabrics such as leathers and vinyl, the standard metal presser foot tends to stick to the fabric causing uneven stitching. The Brother/Baby Lock Adjustable Non Stick Zipper Foot will glide over your sticky fabrics with ease giving you the professional finish you desire. Includes instructions.

Low shank foot. Click here for presser foot and model compatibility information

Watch our instructional video below to learn full details of what the Adjustable Non Stick Zipper Foot can do and how to use it.


How to Use the Teflon Feet

An Instructional Video from The Colorful World of Sewing