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Singer Wide Hemmer Presser Foot Set

Singer Wide Hemmer Presser Foot Set

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Make 1/4" - 1" Wide Rolled Hems In One Step

Hemmer feet are very useful tools, but are rarely seen in useful sizes this large. The Singer Wide Hemmer Presser Foot Set includes seven hemmers that range from 1/4" to 1" in size. Simply pre-press the start of the hem, pressing under twice the width of the hem and feed it into the guide. The guide on the hemmer turns under the raw edge and allows it to be easily stitched into place, giving you professional looking turned hems on most fabrics. Includes instructions.

Snap on foot. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information

Watch our instructional video below to learn full details of what the Singer Wide Hemmer Foot Set can do and how to use it.



How To Use the Wide Hemmer Foot Set on Singer Sewing Machines

An Instructional Video From The Colorful World of Sewing