Viking/Pfaff Multipurpose Tool
Holds Needle For Changing Sewing Over Thick Cross Seams Adding Long Button Thread Shanks

Viking/Pfaff Multipurpose Tool

0.07 lbs

The Viking/Pfaff Multipurpose Tool is also known as a "clearance plate" or a "button reed", either way, it is several handy tools in one! Use either the thick or thin size to sew on buttons with thread shanks and use it to easily glide over the "hump" when sewing over thick cross seams such as when hemming jeans, etc. The hole in the Viking/Pfaff Multipurpose Tool is used to hold the needle tight when inserting or removing the needle, no more dropping them into the machine! And it helps hold it easily for those with limited mobility in their fingers. Includes instructions for all three uses.