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Sewer's Fix It Tape
Baste pockets in place Alter and mend patterns Hold fabric in the embroidery hoop

Sewer's Fix It Tape

0.07 lbs

What is Sewer's Fix It Tape? Why, it's one of the handiest things to have in your sewing room! Sewer's Fix It Tape is a soft flexible paper tape that can be used to hold a pocket in place when sewing, hold pleats closed, bastes a zipper in place, holds buttons securely while you hand or machine sew them on, and holds just about anything in place while you sew. You can sew right through Sewer's Fix It Tape, it will not gum up the needle and it easily peels away when finished, but holds securely as you work. Sewer's Fix It Tape is also super for use on pattern tissue during alterations to hold two pieces together or to reinforce torn and worn areas. It stays soft and flexible just like the pattern tissue.

Embroiderers know Sewer's Fix It Tape as OESD's Expert Embroidery Tear Away Tape and use it to hold fabric in place or out of the way while embroidering items smaller than the embroidery hoop. The tape easily sticks the fabric to be embroidered to the hooped stabilizer. Package includes two 3/4"x10 yd rolls. Distributed by OESD.