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Sew Slip II Gliding Mat for Free Motion Quilting
Use with the Free Motion Guide Grip

Sew Slip II Gliding Mat for Free Motion Quilting

1.00 lbs
The Sew Slip II is the best thing to ever happen to the world of free motion quilting! The super slick surface of this thin, flexible, white mat allows your fabric to glide over the Sew Slip II leaving your shoulders so much more relaxed without having to fight the friction of your quilt on the machine bed. You don't need to push down as hard to move the fabric. The Sew Slip II has a rubberized backing that securely grips the machine bed without fear of slipping, yet removes instantly. 
Unlike other slippery quilting mats, the Sew Slip II comes with a hole 1" wide by 1 1/2" long which allows you to use the feed dogs and sew normally too. You can use it for channel or stitch in the ditch quilting or any type of sewing where you need a slick surface for ease with large projects. Think of how much easier it will be to sew vinyl, leathers and suedes now! And the Sew Slip II costs about half the price of competitors mats and is larger too! Measures 18" x 12".  
The Sew Slip II works with any sewing machine. You can easily cut the Sew Slip II mat to fit the size of your sewing machine bed should you not be fortunate enough to have a sewing cabinet or Sew Steady Table. For even easier free motion quilting, use with the Free Motion Quilting Guide Grip sold below!