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Serger Horizontal Spool Pins
Use with any problematic thread Makes horizontal pins vertical, vertical pins horizontal. Set of two

Serger Horizontal Spool Pins

0.07 lbs

How your thread is delivered into your sewing machine and serger is a very important concept in sewing. Flat ribbon like threads such as Ribbon Floss and Sulky Sliver need to be pulled off the spool from the side, meaning the spool has to turn as you sew. In the case of all sergers, you will need the thread to be horizontal on the machine, these Serger Horizontal Spool Pins slip over the serger's vertical spool pins and allow your spool to rotate as the thread feeds off. Also perfect for other specialty threads like metallics and rayon that tend to slip off the spool and "puddle" or tangle around the base of the spool if used in the traditional upright position.

Also use the Serger Horizontal Spool Pins on your conventional machine when using specialty threads that need to feed from the side and your machine has the spool pin in the wrong direction.

The Serger Horizontal Spool Pins fit over any size spool pin and end various types of thread delivery frustrations. Set of two.