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Klassé sewing machine needles was established in 1991 by Sewgroup. It was developed in response to the confusing and limited selection of domestic machine needles available to home sewers at the time. Klassé needles is one of the most complete ranges with the highest quality in domestic machine needles. Klassé remains the only brand of machine needles solely focused on home sewing machines and sergers.

Understanding the importance of quality, Klassé needles go through an amazing 163 quality checkpoints and are engineered with a specialized process to ensure the straightness of the needle and a smooth needle eye for stable stitching. Recently, Klassé improved their machine needles by introducing color coded needle shanks for easy identification for home sewers. Klassé also continues to review the range to ensure the most extensive needle range is offered to suit new fibers and fabrics.

Klassé's new packaging is the easiest to use, no brittle tab that breaks off to let your needles fall out. Simply fold the backing down and easily grasp your needle. Fold the backing back up and it snaps into place. The new packaging is also less expensive to make, so Klassé decided to reward you with an extra needle, now six in most packs, instead of five! 20% more product at no extra charge!

Klassé needles work in all domestic sewing machines that use the 130/705H or 15X1 classification. Specialty needle systems are also available for sergers and high-speed semi-industrial machines.

For a detailed downloadable / printable guide to sewing machine needle selection, click here for the Klasse Sewing Machine Needle Guide

There has been much talk about the new generation of "chrome plated" or "titanium" sewing machine needles; they are advertised as lasting longer than traditional sewing machine needles. After extensive research with chrome/titanium coated needles, we have found absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these more expensive needles are any better than standard sewing machine needles. Sewing machine needles are meant to wear out, they must be replaced frequently for optimal results. We suggest investing your money in replacing standard sewing machine needles frequently and pass on the marketing gimmicks of chrome and titanium needles. 


Klasse Sharps Needles
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