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Klasse Sewing Machine Needles

Why Klasse Needles? Because The Best Needles Don't Have To Cost A Fortune!

Klasse needles are the only sewing machine needles manufactured exclusively for the home sewing machine market. Klasse’s focus is on us, the home sewer, not an industrial needle company branching out into the home market.

Produced to the GSN standard (which are the highest needle production standards in the world), Klasse needles go through 163 quality checkpoints, earning the industry’s highest quality rating for stability at high speeds, seam appearance, clean stitch holes and precise uniform stability. Klasse needles are engineered with a specialized process to ensure the straightness of the needle and a smooth needle eye for stable stitching.

Klasse needles feature an easier to see color coding system. Each type of needle is color coded for easy reference; no more guessing what needle type is in your machine. In addition, the needle size is stamped onto each needle.

The revolutionary new packaging system from Klasse is amazing in several ways. First, removing a new needle is easier than ever. The package is one piece, no slide cover to struggle with, no backing tab to bend down which usually breaks off. The Klasse needle backing easily folds down. Plus, this packaging is less expensive. Because of this, Klasse now offers six needles in most packs instead of the usual five needles. 20% more product for less cost!

Klasse Needles are system 130/705H or 15x1, for ALL home sewing machines.


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