Janome Walking Foot

Janome Walking Foot

0.25 lbs

Also Known As An Even Feed Foot or Dual Feed Foot

The Janome Walking Foot is used for even feeding of fabric layers. The Walking Foot has an upper feed dog that grips the top layer of fabric to feed it as precisely as the machine feed dogs move the bottom layer, there´s no more shifting! Great for quilting or matching stripes and plaids. The Walking Foot is also ideal for sewing napped and other difficult to sew fabrics that tend to creep, slip or stretch while you are sewing. A straight stitch is generally used, though other utility stitch patterns and some simple decorative stitches can also be used as necessary.

The Janome Walking Foot includes an adjustable edge guide so you can easily stitch a chosen distance from the edge of a fabric or from a previously sewn row of stitching. Great for linear quilting and deep hems on draperies, etc. Detailed instructions included.

Low shank foot. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information