Janome Snap On Narrow Zipper/Straight Stitch Foot
Use For Seaming Too!

Janome Snap On Narrow Zipper/Straight Stitch Foot

0.07 lbs

For More Accurate Zipper Insertion & Straight Seaming Too!

Sometimes a narrower zipper foot is more useful than the wider standard zipper foot that came with your sewing machine. The Janome Snap On Narrow Zipper Foot makes it easier to stitch along zipper teeth and other uneven surfaces.

In addition, the Janome Narrow Zipper Foot can also be used for straight stitch seaming. This is most handy when sewing small pieces and tight curves. The narrow sole allows you to turn your fabric more quickly than a standard wider sole. Includes instructions.

For 9mm stitch width models only. Snaps directly onto the machine's snap on shank.