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Isacord/Mettler Poly Sheen Multicolor Polyester Embroidery Thread

ISACORD and METTLER POLYSHEEN MULTICOLOR are 100% polyester embroidery threads and the thread of choice for maximum productivity and the highest quality embroidery. At nearly twice the strength of rayon thread, ISACORD and METTLER POLYSHEEN MULTICOLOR are the smoothest running and most reliable polyester threads produced today. They have been engineered from the finest raw materials to provide just the right amount of elasticity to allow for high speed running without looping or puckering while virtually eliminating thread breaks. Polyester embroidery thread is chlorine and abrasion resistant, great for embroidery on activewear.

What is the difference between ISACORD and METTOLER POLYSHEEN MULTICOLOR threads? Absolutely nothing. They are both brand names owned by Amann, the manufacturer of some of the best sewing threads anywhere. ISACORD is the brand name known to the garment industry and the thread comes on 1000 yd. cones. The same thread wound onto ISACORD cones is wound onto POLYSHEEN spools and sold under the home sewing brand name of METTLER on 220 yd. spools for those colors you do not need in a large spool. This helps you build a complete thread collection with a minimum price!

Some MULTICOLOR threads are only available in large spools, some only available in small and some available in both sizes. 

Click here for a downloadable digital ISACORD/POLY SHEEN color card.