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Iron 'n Fuse Fusible Thread

Iron 'n Fuse Fusible Thread

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Although the original manufacturer is no more, we still refer to this type of thread as Threadfuse, the original brand of fusible thread. Today, Iron 'n Fuse from Wonderfil Threads is a fusible thread that has many uses in the sewing room. Use this practical thread in the bobbin for appliqué, lining up corners and matching up fabric patterns, quilt bindings, and zippers. The heat of an iron will fuse the layers of fabric together, holding it in place so you can complete your project. Iron 'n Fuse remains soft and flexible, not hard and stiff like strips of fusible web. 

For easy zipper inserting, sew a row of Iron 'n Fuse on the zipper tape first and then fuse the pressed under edges of the fabric to the zipper tape. No shifting as you insert the zipper! Use the same concept to match stripes, plaid and patterns. Press under one seam allowance, sew a row of Iron 'n Fuse to the pressed under seam, line up the fabrics, press, open the seam and sew permanently! Use this same method for pockets and other tasks.

Use Iron 'n Fuse in the lower looper of your serger to do the above tasks even easier as you will get a much larger surface of fusible area for extra security. For narrow hems, serger a row with Iron 'n Fuse in the lower looper, press the hem up and once again and topstitch in place.

Iron 'n Fuse is one of those products you will find use after use for in all your sewing projects! 200 yard spool.