Husqvarna Viking Super Ruffler Attachment

Husqvarna Viking Super Ruffler Attachment

3.00 lbs

The Super Ruffler Attachment is the precision tool you need if you make lots of ruffles or want to really amp up your ruffling possibilities! The Super Ruffler Attachment has five automatic settings which allow you to take a tuck with each stitch, a single tuck, twin tucks, triple tucks or a combination of twin and single tucks. In addition, you can also choose the dept of the tucks, from very shallow tucks to extremely deep tucks. Both of these adjustments are what sets the Super Ruffler Attachment apart from the standard ruffler, you have 25 possible ruffle combinations to choose from! You can also turn off the tucking action should you wish to create unruffled spaces between tucks allowing you to personalize your ruffles for every project.

Whether it’s fashion sewing or home decorating, the Super Ruffler Attachment is the best ruffling attachment you can buy for a home sewing machine. Includes full instructions to show you how to use the attachment as well as ideas for applications.

Fits all newer and older LOW SHANK Viking models excluding the Epic 2. Click here for presser foot and machine compatibility information

This is a special order item, please allow an additional 7-10 days for shipping.