Bernina Flower Stitch Foot

Bernina Flower Stitch Foot

0.38 lbs

Fun Flowers & Circles with Just Basic Stitch Patterns

The Bernina Flower Stitch Foot is a unique attachment that will work with any low shank sewing machine. It operates with very basic utility stitches that most every sewing machine has, such as straight stitch, zig zag, blind hem, vari-overlock, etc. With a simple adjustment of the Bernina Flower Stitch Foot and a change in stitch width on your machine, you can create circles and eyelets of various sizes from 6-18mm. Use a twin needle or sew around the circle multiple times and you will be able to achieve some very interesting designs. Includes our EXCLUSIVE super detailed instructions not found anywhere else!

This is a generic presser foot. To attach to your machine, you will need the Bernina shank adapter sold below which can be used for all presser feet in this category. To find out if your machine is an “old style” or “new style” model, click here.

Watch our instructional video below to learn full details of what the Bernina Bernette Flower Stitch Foot can do and how to use it.


How to Use the Flower Stitch Foot

An Instructional Video From The Colorful World Of Sewing