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Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread

For nearly 100 years, Robison-Anton has been manufacturing the world’s highest quality embroidery threads. No other manufacturer can match their impressive range of 368 solid colors and 29 variegated colors; you never have to settle for “close enough” again! Robison-Anton’s Super Strength Rayon Embroidery Thread is the preferred embroidery thread of industrial manufacturers, discerning home embroiderers and sewing professionals for good reason.

In addition to the 370 Pantone licensed colors, Super Strength Rayon is smooth and easy running and resists breakage due to the quality fibers used in production, plus the elegant sheen from Robison-Anton’s Super Strength Rayon cannot be matched by cheaper polyester embroidery threads that detract from the beauty of your embroidery.

And with today’s larger embroidery designs that use up 250 yard spools in a couple of designs, Robison-Anton’s Super Strength Rayon will last your entire project thanks to the 1,100 yard compact mini king spool that not only fits perfectly on any embroidery machine but the spools are compact enough to store more easily than other brands of embroidery thread. When you have at least 100 colors, that helps a lot!

Solid colors are 1100 yards per spool and variegated colors are 700 yards per spool.

All Robison-Anton threads are special order items and will take 7-10 days to ship.