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Sew Steady Portable Table Junior 11 1/2"x15"

Sew Steady Portable Table Junior 11 1/2"x15"

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Junior Table 11 1/2"x15" for Standard Sewing Machines Only

You will do your best sewing when you have a proper work surface to support your fabric as well as your wrists and elbows. With a Sew Steady Portable Table, you will have the proper support and room for even your largest sewing and quilting projects. Sew Steady Portable Tables are made of high quality clear acrylic and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The adjustable height legs snap on and off for easy portability, no tools needed. All edges are perfectly finished, and the front edge is beveled for comfort. The Sew Steady Portable Table also doubles as a light box and allows you to store your frequently used tools out of the way but within sight! Also included is a movable static cling ruler for handy quick measurements.

Each Sew Steady Portable Table is custom made for every sewing machine. Please indicate your machine brand and model number above when ordering. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.