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Fine Fabric Zig-Zag Presser Foot
Standard Foot / Fine Fabric Zig Zag Foot

Fine Fabric Zig-Zag Presser Foot

0.07 lbs

Holds Fine Fabrics More Securely Than A Traditional Zig Zag Foot

A traditional zig-zag foot has a slight indentation on the sole of the foot to allow denser stitches and thicker threads to pass. This can cause skipped stitches on light weight fabrics. The Fine Fabric Zig-Zag Presser Foot has a completely flat bottom, giving more support to fine fabrics while they are being stitched. Similar in practice to a straight stitch foot, this one also allows you to use a zig-zag stitch when necessary. Do not use with a stitch width wider than 5mm. Includes instructions.

Snap on foot.