Schmetz Double Eye Needles for Decorative Sewing

Schmetz Double Eye Needles for Decorative Sewing

Schmetz Double Eye Sewing Machine Needles for Decorative Sewing & Basting

You may recall these needles from many years ago. They were called "Magic Needles" or "Basting Needles". They have two eyes, one above the other on one shank. Originally used for machine basting, they had disappeared for quite some time, and have now been re-discovered for decorative stitching! Size 80 only.

To use for machine basting:

  • Thread the top eye only. Set your machine for a wide zig zag stitch, and the longest stitch length possible. Also reduce your upper thread tension. The sewing hook will catch the thread on the right needle swing and skip a stitch on the left needle swing, producing a basting stitch twice as long as your machine's stitch length! Twice as easy to remove!

For decorative stitching:

  • Pass one thread through the top eye, one thread through the bottom eye. You will need to use a stitch width of about one half of your maximum stitch width. You will also need to move your needle position to the far right so that your decorative stitch is stitching along the right hand side of the presser foot opening. If the thread in the upper eye is skipping on the left side, you need to reduce your stitch width further. A little experimenting will produce some really interesting results!
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