OESD Wash-Away Stabilizers

OESD Wash-Away Stabilizers

OESD Wash-Away Stabilizers

As the name implies, these stabilizers wash away from the fabric. Use OESD Wash-Away any time there is a need for the stabilizer to be completely removed from the embroidered item. Wash-Aways can be used for cutwork, stand-alone lace, reverse applique. The most common function of a wash away topping is to keep the stitches from sinking into the fabric and to prevent any loops of the fabric from poking through the embroidery. 


OESD Stabilizer Sample Pack and Chart




OESD AquaMesh Water Soluble Stabilizer

The Best Stabilizer For Stand Alone Lacemaking



OESD AquaMesh Plus Water Soluble Stabilizer

Same As AquaMesh But With A Pressure Sensitive Adhesive



OESD AquaFilm Topping Water Soluble Stabilizer

Use To Keep Pile Fabrics Flat While Embroidering



OESD AquaFilm Backing Water Soluble Stabilizer

Use As A Topping Or Backing Stabilizer When No Trace Of Stabilizer Is Desired



OESD BadgeMaster Water Soluble Stabilizer

Extra Heavy For Lacemaking & More



OESD StitchH20 Water Soluble Embroidery Topping