Pfaff Adjustable Seam Guide

Pfaff Adjustable Seam Guide

Stitch a Precise Distance From an Edge or Stitch In the Ditch & Other Handy Uses

The Pfaff Adjustable Seam Guide attaches around the presser foot shank and works with just about any presser foot. There are two adjustment screws so that you can slide the guide 1 1/2" to the right of the needle along the ruled bar for stitching along an edge or a previous row of stitching. What makes the Pfaff Adjustable Seam Guide unique is that you can also center the guide in front of the needle for perfect stitching in the ditch or bridging two fabric edges together. Think of all of the possibilities such as:
  • stitch in the ditch quilting
  • pintucks
  • hems
  • sewing laces together
  • bridging
  • channel quilting
  • more accurate seam allowances for beginners
  • a guide to follow unusual seam allowance widths or distances greater than marked on your needle plate
The Pfaff Adjustable Seam Guide fits all Pfaff sewing machines. Series "J" models require the longer presser foot screw sold below. Includes instructions.
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