Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot

Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot

Best Quality Walking Foot With Standard & Open Toe Soles, Fits All Bernette Models

The Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot surpasses the average walking foot in engineering and performance. What sets the Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot apart from the conventional walking foot is its precision design. You will feel and see the quality of this tool made internally of only metal moving parts that are beautifully synchronized to work together with your sewing machine’s feed dogs. While your sewing machine feeds the fabric from below, the synthetic coated metal feed dog of the walking foot securely, yet gently grips your top layer of fabric, creating a perfect stitch, with no fear of slippage. Plaids, stripes, and quilt layers stay perfectly aligned and leathers, suedes, vinyls and other problematic fabrics flow easily through your machine. The even pressure roller mechanism of the Deluxe Walking Foot glides along for a smoother performing walking foot than has ever been available before.

The Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot is also the first standard household walking foot to offer dual soles; two different soles that you can interchange depending on your preference. The standard sole works beautifully on any fabric for utilitarian sewing and quilting. In the past when doing appliqué or other detail work, a walking foot was never a good option as you could not always see the needle area clearly. Now, with the open toe sole, you have a perfectly clear view of the needle area assuring you of perfect results.

The Bernette Deluxe Two Sole Walking Foot comes with the standard sole already attached, the open toe sole, screwdriver for easy changing of the soles, an extended thumb screw for easy attachment to your sewing machine as well as the left and right seam guides along with the mounting bracket. Instructions for using and attaching the walking foot are included.


Fits all Bernette models except Bernette 100 & 200. Does not fit any Bernina models.

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