1/4" Quilting Presser Foot SALE!

1/4" Quilting Presser Foot SALE!

Perfect 1/4" Seams for Quilting

Achieve perfect 1/4" seams when quilting using the 1/4" Quilting Presser Foot. The notches on the side indicate 1/4" in front of and behind the needle for perfect stopping before the end or pivoting of corners. This 1/4" Quilting Presser Foot is also very useful for perfect topstitching on projects.

Watch our instructional video below to learn full details of what the ¼” Quilting Foot can do and how to use it.

Snap on foot.

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How to Use the ¼” Quilting Foot

An Instructional Video from The Colorful World of Sewing

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